How The DGPT Championship Play-In Event Works & Likeliest To Advance

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Oct 12, 2022 • 4 min read

The Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT) will hold its first-ever play-in event for the prestigious DGPT Championship on Wednesday, October 12, 2022. Like the DGPT Championship, the play-in event will take place at Nevin Park Disc Golf Course in disc golf wonderland Charlotte, North Carolina.

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To learn more about the unusual and exciting elimination-style format of the Tour Championship, check out our post "How the DGPT Championship Works, Likeliest Winners, & More." In 2022, both the MPO and FPO winners of the DGPT Championship will earn $35,000.

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Below you can find out how the play-in for the DGPT Championship works:

What Is the DGPT Championship Play-In?

The play-in event will give two FPO and two MPO players a chance to compete in the DGPT Championship, which will offer a minimum payout of $2,500 (MPO) and $3,000 (FPO) and a shot at the grand prize of $35,000 (MPO & FPO). 

In MPO, the DGPT Championship will have a field of 32, but only the top 30 players in DGPT tour points standings qualified outright. In FPO, only the top 14 qualified outright, but the final field will consist of 16 players.

Six players in MPO and six in FPO will vie for those open spots in the DGPT Championship via the play-in. Players in each division will play in two groups of three at Nevin on Wednesday, October 12, 2022. The players with the two best scores (regardless of group) in their division will move on to the DGPT Championship.

How to Follow the 2022 DGPT Championship Play-In

Hole-by-hole live scoring for the 2022 DGPT Championship will be available on UDisc Live.

How Did Players Earn Spots in the DGPT Championship Play-In?

Players who had an Elite Series or PDGA Major tournament win but not enough DGPT tour points to qualify outright for the DGPT Championship automatically received an invitation to the DGPT Championship play-in. Spots not filled by Elite Series or Major winners were given to players based on tour points standings.

Again, there are six players competing in the play-in in FPO and six in MPO. In both divisions, only two players will continue on to the Tour Championship.

Hailey King in FPO was the only player to earn and accept a spot in the play-in based solely on a win at a big event (the USWDGC, a Major).

Did Any Qualified Player Decline to Compete in the DGPT Championship Play-In?

Eagle McMahon, who sat out much of the 2022 season due to injury, could have competed in the play-in event based on his Major win at the European Open. However, he declined the invitation.

Due to his suspension, Nikko Locastro could not take advantage of qualifying for the play-in event.

Who's Most Likely to Advance from the DGPT Championship Play-In?

Using the stats that power UDisc's Win Probability model for pro disc golf, we were able to calculate how likely it is that players will advance from the play-in to the 2022 DGPT Championship.

Note that our model recalculates probabilities throughout events and these percentages can change greatly as each hole is played. You can follow those changes by clicking "Win Probability" at the top of UDisc Live for any event.

Play-In Seed Name Prob. to Win DGPT Championship Spot Prior to Play-in Start Actual Result
31 Andrew Presnell 41% Did not advance
32 Jeremy Koling 31% Advanced
33 Albert Tamm 37% Did not advance
34 Chandler Kramer 27% Did not advance
35 Thomas Gilbert 31% Advanced
36 Jake Hebenheimer 34% Did not advance

Play-In Seed Name Prob. to Win DGPT Championship Spot Prior to Play-in Start
Actual Result
15 Henna Blomroos 66% Did not advance
16 Alexis Mandujano 24% Did not advance
17 Jessica Weese 25% Advanced
18 Macie Velediaz 33% Did not advance
19 Jennifer Allen 28% Did not advance
20 Hailey King 24% Advanced

You'll notice that some players with worse seeds have a higher chance of advancing and winning than those with better seeds. This is because seeds were determined solely by DGPT tour points, and Win Probability uses historical player performance to predict how well players will do on the DGPT Championship play-in course.

What Happens If There's a Tie at the DGPT Championship Play-In?

Tour points are the tiebreaker at the DGPT Championship play-in. In the event of a tie or ties, the player or players with the most tour points in the 2022 season move on.

Can Players Earn Money From the DGPT Championship Play-In?

Any player who competes in the play-in but does not advance to the first round of the DGPT Championship will earn $250.

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